Punctuation Worksheet For Class 3 CSBE

Add appropriate punctuation marks to the following sentences. Capitalize too.

1. this is rajus camera

2. where is your laptop

3. what are you thinking about

4. I dont know the answer

5. she lives somewhere around

6. its starting to rain

7. do you know her

8. she doesnt want to go

9. the way was long

10. they are visiting france next year

11. what a lovely smile you have

12. how do you know him


1. This is Raju’s camera.

2. Where is your laptop?

3. What are you thinking about?

4. I don’t know the answer.

5. She lives somewhere around.

6. It’s starting to rain.

7. Do you know her?

8. She doesn’t want to go.

9. The way was long.

10. They are visiting France next year.

11. What a lovely smile you have!

12. How do you know him?

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