Punctuation Worksheet For Class 5

Punctuation marks make our writing clearer.

Add appropriate punctuation marks to the following sentences. Also, capitalize the nouns wherever necessary.

1. saran varun and aditya are good friends

2. what are you doing there she asked me

3. what a sad state of affairs

4. who want to come with me

5. do you understand what you are doing

6. sita and her sister maya work in mumbai

7. yes I have received the invite

8. no  I dont want this job

9. he is one of the best indian writers

10. i asked what are you doing there

11. she replied that she was busy

12. what a tragedy


1. Saran, Varun and Aditya are good friends.

2. ‘What are you doing there?’ she asked me.

3. What a sad state of affairs!

4. Who wants to come with me?

5. Do you understand what you are doing?

6. Sita and her sister Maya work in Mumbai.

7. Yes, I have received the invite.

8. No, I don’t want this job.

9. He is one of the best Indian writers.

10. I asked, ‘What are you doing there?’

11. She replied that she was busy.

12. What a tragedy!

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