Take vs. Bring vs. Give vs. Put

Take as the opposite of give

Take is often used as the opposite of give. In this case, take means ‘gain possession of’, ‘receive’, ‘obtain’ or ‘remove’.

We take something from a person.

Take as the opposite of put

Take can be used as the opposite of put. In this case take is used to talk about moving things away from their places.

Note that we take something out of / from / off a place.

Take as the opposite of bring

Take can be the opposite of bring. In this case, it is used for movements which are not towards the speaker or hearer.

In this case take can be used with two objects.

Common expressions with take

Take is used in a number of common expressions referring to activities.

Examples are:

Take a bath; take a break; take a wash; take a swim; take a guess; take a shower; take a walk; take a vacation; take a look; take a rest; take a deep breath

With the names of meals we use have, not take.