Talking About Travel Plans

The phrases given in this section will be helpful to you when you are traveling.

Talking about your travel plans

To tell people about your travel plans, use I’m going to…

I’m going to take a short vacation.
I’m going to Madrid.
I’m going to spend the weekend in a hill station.
I’m going for a long drive.
I’m going to take the train.
I’m going to spend a day in Las Vegas.
I’m going to fly there.

To talk about your travel plans, you can also use I plan to…

I plan to spend the weekend with my parents.
I plan to spend a few days in Berlin.
I plan to visit some friends next week.

Asking about other people’s arrangements

Use Will you…? to ask if someone is going to do something.

Will you buy the tickets?
Will you pick me up from the airport?
Will you call me before you leave?
Will you give me a call after you have reached there?
Will you send me a message when you are ready?

To talk about things you would like to do, use I hope to…

I hope to spend a few weeks in Switzerland.
I hope to take a foreign vacation sometime soon.
I hope to meet my cousin when I am in New York.
I hope to do a tour of the city.
I hope to learn some French during my stay in France.
I hope to meet interesting people during my holidays in Italy.

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