Talking about your plans and making arrangements

Talking about your plans

Use I am going to… to tell your friends and colleagues about your plans.

  • I am going to ask her out.
  • I am going to invite him to my party.
  • I am going to meet her tomorrow.
  • I am going to find a good job.
  • I am going to resign from my job.

To ask someone about their plans, use Are you going to…?

  • Are you going to accept that offer?
  • Are you going to invite them to your party?
  • Are you going to discuss this with him?
  • Are you going to spend the weekend at home?

Making arrangements

To make an arrangement with a friend or colleague, use We can…

  • We can meet outside the café.
  • We can hire a taxi.
  • We can meet tomorrow.
  • We can have lunch at a restaurant.

Use I’ll …to talk about an arrangement you like.

  • I will meet you outside the theatre.
  • I will meet you at 8 pm.
  • I will meet you outside the cinema.
  • I will call you when I am ready.

To ask if somebody is happy with an arrangement, use Is…OK?

  • Is Monday OK?
  • Is it OK to bring my daughter?
  • Is a burger OK?

Saying what you have to do

To say what you have to do, use I have to…

  • I have to make a call.
  • I have to leave early today.
  • I have to pick him up from the airport.
  • I have to finish this assignment by evening.
  • I have to be there by six o’clock.
  • I have to meet John tomorrow.
  • I have to find a solution to this problem.
  • I have to get my eyes tested.
  • I have to buy some clothes.

To ask what someone has to do, use Do you have to…?

  • Do you have to go now?
  • Do you have to be there before 8 o’clock?
  • Do we have to book early?

Use I must to say what you have to do in a strong way.

  • I must get that tooth extracted.
  • I must stop smoking.
  • I must finish this report today.
  • I must send the payment tomorrow.
  • I must develop healthy eating habits.


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