The past and past participle forms of bid

Bid as a verb

To bid is to command, order, request, or direct.

  • The Prime Minister bids all citizens to pay tax.
  • I bid you join our party.

You can also bid for something. In this case, you are saying that you will offer a certain amount of money for something that is for sale.

  • The antique dealer bid $200 for the rug.
  • He said that he would bid for the contract.

When bid is used with this meaning, its past and past participle forms are also bid.

  • The collector bid $3000 for the painting. (Simple past)
  • I have bid $500 for that vase. (Present perfect)

Bid can also mean tell, wish, say or greet. Note that when bid is used with this meaning, its past tense is bade.

  • He bade us farewell.
  • He bade his mother good-bye.

Bid as a noun

When bid is used as a noun, it is the amount of money you are offering for something.

  • What was the highest bid for the painting?

Bid can also mean ‘attempt’ or ‘effort’.

  • His bid for the presidency failed. (= His attempt to become the president failed)
  • In a bid to attract more buyers, the company reduced the prices of its products. (= In an attempt to attract more buyers, …)

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