Vocabulary exercise

In English, we use certain suffixes for nouns referring to persons and certain other suffixes for practices or philosophies.


Person Practice Adjective
Misanthrope Misanthropy Misanthropic
Misogynist Misogyny Misogynous/misogynistic
Monogamist Monogamy Monogamous
Bigamist Bigamy Bigamous
Polygamist Polygamy Polygamous
Polygynist Polygyny Polygynous
Polyandrist Polyandry Polyandrous
Philanthropist Philanthropy Philanthropic
Anthropologist Anthropology Anthropological

As you can see, -ist is the common suffix for a person, -y is the common suffix for the practice and –ic or –ous is the suffix for an adjective.

Do you understand the meaning of these words? Here is a simple exercise.

Vocabulary Exercise

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