Words Confused Owing To Faulty Pronunciation

Certain words cause confusion due to faulty pronunciation. A few of them are given below. Note that the correct pronunciation is indicated by adding a well-known word in brackets which rhymes with the word whose pronunciation is often confused.

Floor (noun) [door] – part of the building on which one walks

Flour (noun) [shower] – finely ground cereal grains

Flower (noun) [shower] – coloured part of plants

Weak (adjective) [leak] – not strong or fit
Week (noun) [leak] – a period of seven days
Wick (noun) [sick] – a string or piece of fabric that draws fuel to the flame in a candle or oil lamp

Heir (noun) [air] – legal inheritor of something
Hair (noun) [care] – fine flexible strands growing on the head or body
Hare (noun) [care] – a fast running animal that resembles a rabbit

Wonder (noun) [plunder] – amazed admiration, something marvelous
Wander (verb) [yonder] – travel without destination, leave a fixed path

Advice (noun) [nice] – recommendation about action
Advise (verb) [eyes] – offer advice

Leave (verb) [deceive] – depart
Live (verb) [give] – reside in a particular place

Quite (adverb) [white] – entirely
Quiet (adjective or noun) [diet] – peaceful, making little noise, free from trouble

Price (noun) [nice] – cost of something bought or sold
Prize (noun) [eyes] – award for winner

Lose (verb) [choose] – fail to win, have something taken away
Loose (verb) [goose] – free, not fastened
Loose (adjective) [goose] – not tight or fitting

Taste (verb) [waste]
Test (verb) [nest]

Pore (noun) [door] – tiny openings in the skin through which sweat passes.

Pour (verb) [door]
Poor (adjective) [tour] – not rich

Latter (adjective) [matter] – the second of two already named
Later (adverb) [waiter] – after a particular period of time
Letter (noun) [better]

Bath (noun) [path]
Bathe (verb) [lathe]