Words Expressing Concession And Contrast

Concession or contrast may be expressed in several ways. For example, we can use though or although. Other words or expressions that can be used to express concession or contrast include notwithstanding, as, however, whatever, all the same, even if and at the same time.

  • Though he is poor, he is honest.
  • Although he is poor in English, he does not work hard.
  • However steep the hill may be, we will be able to climb it.
  • Strong as he was, he could not beat his opponent.
  • Whatever may have been his intentions, he welcomed us cordially.
  • He is poor; all the same he is content with his lot.
  • He is hard up; at the same time he is generous.
  • Even if he is wrong, you shall not treat him like that.
  • He is very rich; nonetheless he is miserly.

Sometimes we express a concession or contrast by using an absolute participle followed by a noun clause.

  • Admitting that he is right, is it advisable to act on his advice?

The same sentence showing concession or contrast may be expressed in a number of ways. Study the following examples.

  • Although she is well-meaning, she is unpopular.
  • Well-meaning though she is, she is unpopular.
  • Well-meaning as she is, she is unpopular.
  • She is well-meaning; all the same she is unpopular.
  • She is well-meaning; at the same time she is not popular.
  • She is well-meaning; nonetheless she is unpopular.
  • She is well-meaning indeed, but she is unpopular.
  • She is unpopular in spite of being well-meaning.

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