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Adverbs exercises

Adverbs are words used to modify verbs and adjectives. Examples are: completely, earnestly, eagerly, soon, tomorrow, there etc.

Adverbs can also be used to modify other adverbs. At perfectyourenglish.com, we have got quite a few lessons and exercises about adverbs. Here is a list of them.


Introduction To Adverbs
Formation of Adverbs
Adjectives or Adverbs - Confusing Cases
Adverbs of Certainty
Adverbs of Degree
Adverbs of Indefinite Frequency
Adverbs of Manner
Adverbs of Place
Adverbs of Time and Definite Frequency
Focusing Adverbs
How to use adverbs effectively

Adverbs exercises and worksheets

Adverbs exercise
Adverbs worksheet
See also
Adverbs: definition
Adverb clause
Adverb particle



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