10 Most Common Mistakes In Spelling Each Student Should Avoid

Here is a list of the most popular spelling errors of students. Why do they make them? How to avoid them? How can you improve your spelling?

It’s a common fact that spoken language is way much easier than the written one. The same situation applies to the English Language. When writing, it is common to find writers make mistakes in spellings, despite having ample knowledge of the English language. Most times, this is a result of the mind playing tricks on you, words can easily become scrambled in one’s mind due to the similarities in their alphabet structure. Here we’ll be looking into the most common mistakes in spellings which students would do well to avoid, and tips on how to ensure correct spellings of words, especially when writing essays.

The Most Common Spelling Errors In The English Language

Below are 10 of the most common spelling errors students are guilty of making while writing an essay paper, and one of the reasons why you find students asking which is the best service for writing their assignment. To ensure a perfect and quality essay, most students residing in Australia usually opt for essay help online, spell checkers and multiple online writing programs for aids and tips on how to write quality assignments and papers.

1.      Definitely

Commonly misspelled as definitely due to pronunciation, the word definitely could arguably be the most misspelled word in the English language. One would find it particularly hard to believe the number of scholars who simply don’t know how to spell definitely, due to the impulse to add an ‘a’ to the word.

2.      All Right

Yes, that’s right as far as formal language usage goes, using the spelling ‘alright’ in a formal setting is wrong. When writing formal write ups such as an academic paper, students should opt to use the variant ‘all right’ as opposed to ‘alright’. However, the later can be used in an informal context.

3.      Forty

Lots of students fail to spell out forty correctly, due to the word having been derived from four. It is common to find students using the misspelling fourty instead.

4.      Misspell

What better prank can the English language play on students as they are often found misspelling misspell itself.

5.      Accommodate

Spelling accommodates correctly is most of the times tricky waters for students to navigate. They most often find themselves in a knot while trying to correctly insert the number of C’s and M’s.

6.      Tomorrow

It’s common to find individuals stumble when spelling tomorrow, as the required number of R’s prove a problem.

7.      Tattoo

Tattoo is often misspelled as tatoo by scholars while writing papers or assignments.

8.      License

Very often lecturers get to see licence in student’s papers as opposed to the correct spelling license.

9.      Truly

The temptation to insert an ‘e’ is experienced by most people and truly is often spelled truely which of course is wrong. 

10.   Caribbean

The appearance of ‘r’ and ‘b’ in the word the Caribbean often has students making mistakes in its spellings. Caribbean has one r and two b’s but students often write two r’s and one b.

Why Do Students Make Spelling Errors?

Spelling errors can arise due to multiple reasons which range from similarities in pronunciation with other words, mistakes in alphabet structure, wrong usage, or simply an oversight by the writer. In the instance of similarities in pronunciation with other words, students fail to understand that just because a word is spelled in a particular way, doesn’t mean another compound or broken down word having a similar pronunciation would be spelled in the same way. Take the case of ‘maintenance’.  Students are often of the belief that it should be spelled out similarly with ‘maintain’ as maintainance.

Mistakes while trying to correctly structure the alphabets of a word also play a crucial role in misspelling words. Take the spelling of admission, forward, necessary, committee, and embarrassed for example. These words are commonly misspelled by students as admision, foward, neccessary, commitee and embarassed. Due to the confusing nature of alphabet structures of words such as these, students often fall prey to spellings errors.

Wrong usage and oversight are solely based on student’s ability, knowledge comes into play in the wrong usage, while concentration levels with spellings caused by oversight. A good example of the former is situations where students write words in the wrong context due to lack of full grasping of its usage. For example, take the misuse of the words its and it’s. An example of oversight occurs when students make spelling mistakes due to certain scenarios such as, losing concentration due to lack of being in a proper setting like a conducive class or proper dorm room, writing against time in examinations or meeting an assignment deadline, and poor review skills are some of the spelling banes of students in and out of Australia. A typical example is a student spelling ‘and’ as ‘asd’. Your immediate environment plays a crucial role on your concentration level, so it’s highly advisable you stay in a conducive one.

How To Avoid Spelling Errors

For students looking to avoid spelling errors during writing, reviewing your work and achieving a sound background of English grammar play vital roles in achieving this. Ensure you keep your concentration as a scholar during write-ups and avoid using alien words you have no knowledge of while writing. In the event you require professional help on reviewing your paper for spelling or grammar errors you can always enlist the services of a reputable grammar checking site to provide premium quality reviews on your work. Many of these sites offer to write my assignment australia for students in record time.

How Students Can Improve Their Spellings

Improving your spellings can easily be achieved through the use of multiple instruments and methods, of which grammar practice is one of them. While reading, ensure to take a log of foreign and tricky words, look up words in the dictionary to learn their meanings and how to properly use them in sentences.

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