6th Grade Reading Comprehension Exercise 3

Read the given passage and answer the following questions.

Once upon a time, there lived three brothers. They had inherited a huge amount of money from their father, but they were too irresponsible. They soon squandered away all their wealth. When they started feeling the pinch, they began to look for work, but they were not successful. Now they had only about hundred rupees left with them.

After going without food for two days, they decided to buy a pizza, but the pizza was not big enough to satisfy the hunger of all three brothers. So they decided that only one person should have it.


1. What did the three brothers do with the money they inherited from their father?

2. Which idiomatic expression in the passage refers to problems with money?

3. What did they decide to buy?

4. Write the adjective form of ‘wealth’

5. Write the adverb form of ‘successful’

6. To waste money is to ……………………. it.


1. The three brothers squandered away the money they inherited from their father.

2. Feel the pinch

3. They decided to buy a pizza.

4. Wealthy

5. Successfully

6. Squander


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