A Letter To God MCQ With Answers | CBSE Class 10 English

Here are multiple choice questions that could be asked from the chapter A Letter To God.

1. How did the postmaster try to help Lencho?

a) By helping him raise another crop

b) By helping him get support from the authorities

c) By sending him money

d) By doing nothing

Answer: c

2. What is the biggest irony of the story ‘A letter to God’?

a) Lencho has unwavering faith in God but God doesn’t do anything to help him.

b) Lencho asked for a heavy shower but he got a hailstorm instead.

c) The people at the post office helped him but Lencho does not trust them.

d) Lencho is a hard working man but life is hard for him.

Answer: c

3. Where was Lencho’s house located?

a) in a valley

b) on top of a hill

c) in a village

d) in the city

Answer: b

4. What did Lencho hope for?

a) a snow storm

b) a hail storm

c) a good shower

d) lots of money

Answer: c

5. Why did the postman at the post office laughed?

a) He thought Lencho was a fool.

b) It was the first time he saw a letter addressed to God.

c) The postman had the habit of laughing at silly things.

d) The postman was a light-hearted person.

Answer: b

6. Lencho wrote the letter to God on

a) a Sunday evening

b) a Sunday morning

c) a Monday morning

d) a Saturday morning

Answer: b

7. The field of corn was dotted with flowers. What does it mean?

a) The flowers were no bigger than dots.

b) The flowers were round in shape.

c) The flowers were scattered across the field.

d) The flowers looked like dots.

Answer: c

8. Why did Lencho need money?

a) to build a better home

b) to send his children to school

c) to buy a tractor

d) to save his family from hunger

Answer: d

9. Lencho was raising a crop of ……………………….

a) wheat

b) rice

c) potatoes

d) corn

Answer: corn

10. Who was the last resort of Lencho?

a) his wife

b) the post master

c) God

d) the government

Answer: God

11. How did Lencho try to contact God?

a) by writing a letter

b) by praying

c) by sending an email

d) by asking the postman to write a letter to God

Answer: by writing a letter

12. Lencho’s field looked as if it were covered in …………………………

a) ice

b) snow

c) sugar

d) salt

Answer: salt

13. How much Money did Lencho ask from the God?

a) 50 pesos

b) 200 pesos

c) 100 pesos

d) 150 pesos

Answer: 100 pesos

14. How much money was the postmaster able to arrange?

a) 50 pesos

b) 70 pesos

c) 100 pesos

d) 90 pesos

Answer: 70 pesos

15. Why did the postmaster decide to help Lencho?

a) He was a kind hearted man.

b) He was a God-fearing man.

c) He didn’t want to shatter Lencho’s faith in God

d) He felt sad at the plight of Lencho

Answer: c

16. Why was Lencho not surprised when he saw the money in the envelope?

a) Lencho was hoping that the God would send him more money than he asked for.

b) Lencho had unwavering faith in God and hence he was confident that the God would definitely send him money.

c) Lencho was an ungrateful person.

d) Lencho wasn’t the kind of person who would get surprised easily.

Answer: b

17. Lencho’s hopes were shattered because ……………………………..

a) the hail lasted for more than an hour and his crop was destroyed

b) it didn’t rain at all

c) the sun was too hot and burned his crops

d) his crops died for want of water

Answer: a

18. On reading the letter, the Postmaster was moved by Lencho’s …………………………

a) innocence

b) problems

c) unwavering faith in God

d) love for God

Answer: c

19. Who is the author of A Letter To God?

a) O Henry

b) Mark Twain

c) H G Wells

d) G L Fuentes

Answer: d

20. Lencho expected the rain to come from …………………………

a) north

b) north-west

c) north-east

d) south-west

Answer: c

21. The large droplets were the size of ………………………….

a) 5 cents coin

b) 10 cents coin

c) one cent coin

d) two cent coin

Answer: 10 cents coin

22. Which figure of speech is used in the expression ‘They are new coins’?

a) simile

b) metaphor

c) hyperbole

d) personification

Answer: metaphor


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