Academic Writing Agencies: Review

Academic Writing Agencies: Review

When selecting an essay writing service, there is a more or less stable set of factors one has to look out for. This article will analyze, giving you more than enough information to make a decision on whether you should buy assignment writing from this service or not.

Writers and Their Skills

According to the information presented on the company’s website, only hires the top specialists who can prove their knowledge of their chosen academic fields and sufficient writing ability. Judging by the quality of writing, this statement seems to be true – all the essays written by the company are well-organized, demonstrate good knowledge of English and their respective topics, lack any significant grammatical and syntactical errors. claims to be very careful when assigning a person to write any particular essay, dissertation and term paper. They collect all kinds of information about the people working for them, ranging from their writing skills and knowledge of their topic to additional knowledge of this or that discipline and the ability to work urgently. This allows them to assign an optimal writer to help with each particular paper.

Prices and Payments

This custom essay writing service offers prices that are well within the industry average – writing is neither suspiciously cheap nor exorbitantly costly. However, you can do yourself a lot of good by placing an order early on, because the more time you give the writer to complete the assignment, the less expensive it is going to be. All in all, when you consider the quality of writing offered by, it offers one of the best price/quality ratios in the industry.

When you pay, the fee is transferred to the paper writing service using a secure encrypted connection, which means that both your money and your financial information is protected from outside scrutiny and leaks.

Customer Support and Service

Customer support members demonstrate a professional attitude towards their work: some of the experts are online at any given moment, and they always seem to be ready to provide all the necessary information about the services provided by the company. In other words, if you need to clarify some points before you get one to one writing help from essay writing service, you can do it at any time you like, without having to wait for a specific day of the week or a time of day. Customer support seems to be in-house because its members usually can answer even the more complex questions without having to consult anybody.

Plagiarism and Originality

“Will the work delivered to me be original? Can I be sure that my order will be done without plagiarism?” Any student ordering a research paper probably asks himself this question. According to, they check every assignment they sell using a highly sophisticated anti-plagiarism tool to make sure every text they sell is completely original and doesn’t contain copy/paste, even accidentally. Clients are allowed – and even encouraged – to use other tools of this type to see for themselves, which shows that the company is more than fairly sure about its work.

Deadlines and Punctuality

When you place an order, you have an opportunity to choose when you want the assignment to be delivered (your choice will define the price of the job). After you select the deadline and pay for the task, guarantees that it is going to be delivered before that time. In fact, the writer will try to complete the paper a little bit earlier so that you have enough time to read it and check if everything is to your liking. If something is wrong, and the mistake is due to the writer’s oversight, you have the right to ask for a free revision.


If you need an academic assignment written fast, can be a reasonable choice. They don’t ask much for their services (especially considering the quality of their work), they are fast to deal with their assignments and are always ready to answer your questions if they arise. In other words, if you want to be sure the task is going to be completed on time and decently written, is a good place to go.

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