Accept vs. Agree

The verbs accept and agree have different meanings. To express your willingness to do something, use agree with an infinitive. Accept is not possible in this case.

  • She agreed to come. (= She expressed her willingness to come.) (NOT She accepted to come.)
  • They agreed to part ways amicably. (NOT They accepted to part ways amicably.)
  • My sister has agreed to look after my babies when I am away.

To accept is to take something which is offered because you believe that it is true, fair or right. In this case, accept is followed by a noun or a noun clause which acts as its object.

  • She accepted the offer. (NOT She agreed the offer.)
  • She said that she would accept the award with pleasure.

Accept can be followed by a noun clause or a that-clause.

  • The majority of doctors accept that smoking can cause cancer. (= The majority of doctors recognize the fact that smoking can cause cancer.)

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