Action Verb Idioms

Here are some action verb idioms in English.

Kick a habit

To kick a habit is to stop doing something habitual. This is an idiom usually used with smoking and drinking.

  • It is high time you kicked your smoking habit.

Another idiom that has similar meanings is ‘kick the butt’.

  • He is struggling hard to kick the butt. (= He is struggling hard to quit smoking.)

Kiss something goodbye

To kiss something goodbye is to forget it; to end something

  • We were arguing all the time, so I felt that it was time we kissed our relationship goodbye.
    I lent him some money and had to kiss it goodbye.

Drop a line

To drop a line is to stay in contact, usually by mail

  • If you need my help, just drop me a line.

Climb the wall

To climb the wall is to become extremely impatient, excited or agitated

  • She is climbing the wall waiting to hear from her daughter.
  • I am climbing the wall waiting for an interview call.

Blow someone’s lid

To blow one’s lid is to become very angry

  • John’s father blew his lid when he heard about his son’s drinking habits.

Drop a bundle

To drop a bundle is to spend a lot of money

  • Peter has just bought a luxury apartment. I am sure he has dropped a bundle.

Hit bottom

Become very sad or depressed; when businesses hit bottom, they make loss

  • Our profits have hit bottom. This is our worst year ever.

Bite the bullet

To bite the bullet is to accept something difficult and try to live with it

  • Although Jim lost one leg in the accident, he didn’t lose hope. He just bit the bullet and learned to live with it.

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