American And British English Difference In Vocabulary

When it comes to vocabulary, American English differs significantly from British English. Sometimes the same word has different meaning. There are also different words with the same meaning. A few examples are given below.

American English British English
Airplane Aeroplane
Apartment Flat/ apartment
Area code Dialling code
Attorney, lawyer Barrister, solicitor
Busy Engaged (phone)
Cab/taxi Taxi
Can Tin
Candy Sweets
Check/bill Bill
Cookie, cracker Biscuit
Corn Maize
Crib Cot
Crazy Mad
Diaper Nappy
Dumb, stupid Stupid
Elevator Lift
Eraser Rubber, eraser
Fall, autumn Autumn
Faucet, tap Tap
First floor, second floor Ground floor, first floor
Flashlight Torch
French fries Chips
Garbage, trash Rubbish
Garbage can, trashcan Dustbin, rubbish bin
Gas, gasoline Petrol
Highway, freeway Main road, motorway
Hood Bonnet
Intersection Crossroads
Mad Angry
Mail Post
Mean Nasty
Movie, film Film
Pants, trousers Trousers
Pavement Road surface
Pitcher Jug
Potato chips Crisps
Purse Handbag
Raise Rise (salary)
Railroad Railway
Rest room Public toilet
Schedule, timetable Timetable
Sneakers Trainers (sports shoes)
Stand in line Queue
Stingy Mean
Store, shop Shop
Subway Underground
Truck Van, lorry
Trunk Boot (of a car)
Stand in line Queue
Two weeks Fortnight, two weeks
Vacation Holiday(s)
Windshield Windscreen
Zee Zed
Stand in line Queue
Zipper Zip

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