Articles Worksheet For Class 5

A singular countable noun always takes an article.

  • I have a pet dog. (NOT I have pet dog.)
  • She has written a story. (NOT She has written story.)
  • Have you got a brother? (NOT Have you got brother?)
  • If you are hungry, you can have an orange. (NOT Еyou can have orange.)

A plural noun can be used without an article.

  • Spiders have eight legs. OR A spider has eight legs.


Rewrite the following sentences correctly using suitable articles. If you want to learn the correct use of articles before doing this exercise go to the articles study page.

1. Bring me glass of water.

2. I have idea.

3. She is great writer.

4. It was interesting story.

5. She has brother and sister.

6. Tell me joke.

7. Nile is longest river in world.

8. Doctor was examining patient.

9. Pyramids are in Egypt.

10. My mother is good cook.

11. She was writing letter.

12. They were playing in garden.

13. Lady who lives next door is architect.

14. You can have apple if you are hungry.

15. Who was first woman to win Nobel Prize for literature?

16. She has bought apartment in city.

17. Have you read Gita?

18. Put books on table.

19. Dog is faithful animal.

20. We saw zebra in zoo.


1. Bring me a glass of water.

2. I have an idea.

3. She is great writer.

4. It was an interesting story.

5. She has a brother and a sister.

6. Tell me a joke.

7. The Nile is the longest river in the world.

8. The doctor was examining the patient.

9. The pyramids are in Egypt.

10. My mother is good cook.

11. She was writing letter.

12. They were playing in the garden.

13. The lady who lives next door is an architect.

14. You can have an apple if you are hungry.

15. Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature?

16. She has bought an apartment in the city.

17. Have you read the Gita?

18. Put the books on the table.

19. The dog is a faithful animal.

20. We saw zebra in the zoo.

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