Better as an adjective, adverb or verb

The word better can be an adjective, adverb and verb.

As an adjective, better is the comparative form of the adjective good.

  • She is a better dancer than me. (Informal)
  • She is a better dancer than I am. (More formal)

Better can mean greater, larger, bigger and longer.

  • The better part of the day was spent in working.

Better can also mean stronger, fitter or healthier.

  • Grandpa is better today. (= He is healthier today.)

Better can also be an adverb. As an adverb, better is the comparative form of well.

  • Learn to play a little better before joining the team.
  • You sing better than your sister.

Better can mean more or longer.

  • It takes better than an hour to get to the airport. (= It takes more than an hour …)

As a verb, better means improve, advance or upgrade.

  • He tried to better himself by obtaining more degrees.

Better can also mean surpass or exceed.

  • The pole vaulter bettered the world record by six inches.



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