Change affirmative sentences into negative sentences | CBSE Grammar worksheets

Study the sentence given below.

  • Shakespeare was greater than any other English playwright.

This is an affirmative sentence. We can express the same idea using a negative sentence.

  • No other English playwright was as great as Shakespeare.

Another example is given below.

  • Affirmative: I was doubtful if I would pass.
    Negative: I was not sure if I would pass.
  • Affirmative: She is richer than me.
    Negative: I am not as rich as her.
  • Affirmative: King Alfred was the greatest king that ever ruled England.
    Negative: No other king that ever ruled England was as great as King Alfred.


Read the following sentences and express their idea in a negative form.

1. A giraffe is taller than an elephant.

2. Akbar was the greatest of the Moghul emperors.

3. Shyam is the cleverest boy in the class.

4. Everybody was present.

5. As soon as he came, he started creating trouble.

6. As soon as we heard the gunshots, we rushed indoors.

7. He failed to win the first prize.

8. Only a millionaire can buy such an expensive car.

9. Everyone makes mistakes.

10. I will always remember this.


1. An elephant is not as tall as a giraffe.

2. No other Moghul emperor was as great as Akbar.

3. No other boy in the class is as clever as Shyam.

4. Nobody was absent.

5. No sooner did he come than he started creating trouble.

6. No sooner did we hear the gunshots than we rushed indoors.

7. He did not win the first prize.

8. None but a millionaire can buy such an expensive car.

9. There is no one who does not make mistakes.

10. I will never forget this.


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