Change into passive voice | Simple present tense

In the simple present tense we make passive forms by putting is/am/are before the past participle form of the active verb. Watch this Youtube video in Malayalam to learn the correct use of simple present tense. You may also watch this Malayalam grammar video to learn about converting  simple present sentences to passive voice.

Study the example given below.

  • My mother cooks delicious meals. (Active verb – cooks)
  • Delicious meals are cooked by my mother. (Passive verb – are cooked)

Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. Parents look after their children.

2. Birds make nests.

3. Cows eat grass.

4. Ramesh writes novels.

5. All children enjoy cartoon programs.

6. He helps the poor and the needy.

7. Doctors treat patients.

8. Carpenters make furniture.

9. Farmers cultivate crops.

10. The greengrocer sells vegetables.


1. Children are looked after by their parents.

2. Nests are made by birds.

3. Grass is eaten by cows.

4. Novels are written by Ramesh.

5. Cartoon programs are enjoyed by all children.

6. The poor and the needy are helped by him.

7. Patients are treated by doctors.

8. Furniture is made by carpenters.

9. Crops are cultivated by farmers.

10. Vegetables are sold by the greengrocer.


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