Class 10 Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

In a bid to make driving safer, scientists are working on a car that is sensitive to human behaviour. These machines can actually deduce how their drivers feel. Cars already lock doors when they sense motion and turn on warning lights if they detect potential engine problems. But they are about to get smarter. The augmented cognition research team at Sandia National Laboratories is designing cars capable of analyzing human behavoiur. The car of the future they are developing, for example, can deduce from your driving that you have become tired and during critical situations, it will even hold an incoming call so you don’t get distracted.

Sandia is a multi-program laboratory that operates under the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration. The project started five years ago with funding by US’ Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.

In experiments, drivers were fitted with caps connected to electroencephalogram electrodes to gauge electrical activity of the brain as they performed driving functions. This data is then input into Sandia software, referred to as classifiers that categorized driving behaviour. These classifiers can detect various driving situations and assess the difficulty and stress of the task the driver is attempting. It then tries to modify the task or environment to lower stress and improve specified performance parameters.


1. Scientists are working on a car that is …………………………. to human behaviour.

2. What do modern cars do when they sense motion?

3. Why would the cars of future hold an incoming call while you are driving?

4. In experiments which device was used to gauge electrical activity of the brain?

5. What are classifiers?

6. From the given passage, find the word which means ‘discover the presence of’

7. Find the word which means ‘draw as a logical conclusion’

8. Find the word which means ‘measure’


1. sensitive

2. Modern cars lock doors when they sense motion.

3. Cars of future might hold an incoming call while you are driving to prevent you from getting distracted.

4. electroencephalogram electrodes

5. Classifiers are a component of the Sandia software used to categorize driving behaviour.

6. detect

7. deduce

8. gauge


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