Conjunctions Worksheet for CBSE Class 5

Conjunctions are words used to connect clauses together. Examples: if, or, till, where, unless, so, while and when

Read the following sentences.

  • You will win. You work hard.

We can combine these two sentences into one with the conjunction if.

  • If you work hard, you will win.

Conjunctions Exercise

Combine the following pairs of sentences into one.

1. You can have tea. You can have coffee. (You can’t have both.)

2. I will wait here. You come.

3. This is the house. He lives here.

4. You quit smoking. Your health will improve.

5. You invite her. She will not come.

6. He was hungry. He ate a banana.

7. The lights went out. I was reading.

8. I injured my knee. I was playing football.

9. You ask more politely. She will help you.


1. You can have tea or coffee.

2. I will wait here till / until you come. (Till and until are interchangeable. Till is less formal than until.)

3. This is the house where he lives. (Where is actually a relative adverb. When we use it to connect clauses, it replaces words like here and there.)

4. If you quit smoking, your health will improve.

5. Unless you invite her she will not come.

6. He was hungry so he ate a banana.

7. The lights went out when I was reading.

8. I injured my knee while I was playing football.

9. If you ask more politely she will help you.

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