Degrees Of Comparison Worksheet For Class 7

Read the following sentences.

  • Ram is clever. Shyam is cleverer.

We can combine these two sentences using a comparative structure.

  • Ram is not as clever as Shyam. (Here we make a comparison between Ram and Shyam using a positive adjective.)
  • Shyam is cleverer than Ram. (Here we make a comparison between Ram and Shyam using a comparative adjective.)

More examples are given below.

  • She is rich. Her friends are richer.
  • She is not as rich as her friends. / Her friends are richer than her.
  • Apples are sweet. Mangoes are sweeter.
  • Apples are not as sweet as mangoes. / Mangoes are sweeter than apples.


Make comparisons using positive and comparative adjectives.

1. Silver is a precious metal. Gold is more precious.

2. The deer can run fast. The cheetah can run faster.

3. Ramya can sing well. Kavya can sing better.

4. Hyderabad is hot. Chennai is hotter.

5. A digital camera is expensive. A DSLR camera is more expensive.


1. Silver is not as precious as gold. / Gold is more precious than silver.

2. The deer cannot run as fast as the cheetah. The cheetah can run faster than the deer.

3. Ramya cannot sing as well as Kavya. / Kavya can sing better than Ramya.

4. Hyderabad is not as hot as Chennai. / Chennai is hotter than Hyderabad.

5. A digital camera is not as expensive as a DSLR camera. / A DSLR camera is more expensive than a digital camera.

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