Dialogue completion activity for class 9

Dialogue writing

The dialogue completion task requires you to follow some rules. The language used should be simple and the tone should suit the relationship between the speakers. The dialogue should read like real speech; however, it should not include any boring or unessential information. Remove filler words and only include information that contributes to the situation.

Sample dialogue

Rahul and Rohan are brothers. Rahul is diligent, but his brother is quite the opposite. Rahul wants Rohan to do his homework before he goes out to play because Rohan has a habit of leaving it to the last moment. Then he will beg Rahul for help. Write an appropriate dialogue between the two.


Rahul: Have you done your homework yet?

Rohan: No.

Rahul: When are you going to do it then?

Rohan: At 4 o’clock.

Rahul: Yesterday also you said that you would do your homework at 4, but you didn’t.

Rohan: Yesterday there was a cartoon film on TV, so I couldn’t do my homework at 4. Anyway, it is none of your business.

Rahul: It is my business. You never do your homework on time and then I have to help you.

Rohan: So what? You are my bro. You have to help me.

Rahul: Yes, I am your brother and I help you all the time, but when was the last time you helped me?

Rohan: I don’t think that we should keep an account of such things.

Rahul: How convenient! You always have an answer.


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