Diary entry writing

You had a visit to a child rehabilitation centre, which provides shelter for the poor and homeless children. The rehabilitation centre also takes up the noble cause of spreading awareness against child labour. Write a diary entry about your feelings on the visit.

Sample diary entry

April 18, 20xx                                                                                                                                                                 9 pm

Today I realized how blessed I am to have a home, loving parents and all the amenities that a child needs. For me, the eye-opener was a short visit to a child rehabilitation centre in my town. There I met scores of children like me. Most of them don’t have a home or parents. They survive on the generosity of some kindhearted people. I also heard that the rehabilitation centre spreads awareness against child labour. I am deeply moved by their commitment to their cause and I want to do all that I can do for them. I have decided not to have a grand birthday celebration this year or in the coming years. I will ask dad to donate that money to them. After all, every little bit counts and I am eager to contribute mine. I have also decided that I will never again complain about not having the latest gaming console or the fanciest frocks or shoes.


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