Difference Between Habit, Custom And Fashion

The words habit, custom and fashion have somewhat similar meanings and they are all used to refer to a way of behaving or doing that has become usual.

Difference between habit, custom and fashion

The word habit is mainly used to refer to a person’s behaviour.

  • Why do you bite your fingernails? It is a bad habit.
  • He has that awful habit of picking his teeth.


The word custom is mainly used to refer to a code of conduct followed by people belonging to a certain group.

  • The custom among Hindus is to burn their dead.
  • In India, the custom is to eat with the right hand.
  • Each country has its own customs.


The word fashion is used to refer to styles that change more frequently than customs.

  • The current fashion among girls is to cut their hair short.
  • Do you follow fashion?
  • Fashion keeps changing every week.

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