Direct and indirect speech worksheet

Rewrite the following sentences changing the direct speech to indirect speech and indirect speech to direct speech.

1. The maid said, ‘All the windows have been washed thoroughly.’

2. The mother told the children to stay away from the wet floor.

3. The traveler asked the boy, ‘Does this road lead to the inn?’

4. The doctor said to the patient, ‘Take your medicines without fail.’

5. The clever fox said to the foolish crow, ‘Will you sing a song for me?’

6. The manager said to the customers, ‘The staff is on an indefinite strike’.

7. The young girl asked the man, ‘Will you do me a favour?’

8. The fisherman said, ‘I haven’t caught any fish today.’

9. Mitra said, ‘I go for a walk every morning.’

10. The actor said, ‘My new film is due for release next month.’


1. The maid said that all the windows had been washed thoroughly.

2. The mother said to the children, ‘Stay away from the wet floor.’

3. The traveler asked the boy if that road led to the inn.

4. The doctor advised the patient to take his medicines without fail.

5. The clever fox asked the foolish crow if she would sing a song for him.

6. The manager told the customers that the staff was on an indefinite strike.

7. The young girl asked the man if he would do her a favour.

8. The fisherman said that he hadn’t caught any fish that day.

9. Mitra said that she goes / went for a walk every morning.

10. The actor said that his new film was due for release the following month.

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