English Grammar Worksheets And Exercises For Class 10 CBSE

Here is a grammar practice test for students of classes 9 and 10.

English Grammar Exercise

1. Balbir is one of the players who —————— for the Test match.

a) has been selected
b) have been selected
c) has selected
d) have selected

2. —————- a rainy day, we had to abandon the match.

a) It being
b) Being
c) Having been
d) It been

3. ——————– it prove to be true, I shall resign from the committee?

a) would
b) could
c) should
d) unless

4. ————– it possible, I would visit London.

a) should
b) were
c) was
d) has

5. If you played games regularly, you —————-become strong and healthy.

a) will
b) would
c) would have
d) had

6. The more he reads the less he ———————

a) understand
b) understands
c) will understand
d) would understand

7. Was he ——————- to listen to her?

a) enough foolish
b) foolish enough
c) too foolish
d) so foolish

8. The strike has continued —————— two weeks.

a) for
b) since
c) before
d) from

9. ——————— many faults, he was a good man at heart.

a) in spite of having
b) despite
c) due to having
d) nevertheless

10. She felt like —————–.

a) crying
b) to cry
c) cry
d) to crying


1. have been selected
2. It being
3. should
4. were
5. would
6. understands
7. foolish enough
8. for
9. in spite of having
10. crying

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