Finger Idioms | Idioms Derived From The Word Finger

Idioms are common in all kinds of English, formal and informal, spoken and written. Here is a list of idioms derived from the word ‘finger’.

Burn one’s fingers or get one’s fingers burnt (suffer, often financially, as a result of foolish behaviour)

  • He invested all his money in the stock market and got his fingers badly burnt.

Lay a finger on somebody (touch someone with the intention of causing harm)

  • I will not let you lay a finger on that boy again.

Slip through someone’s fingers (miss something especially an opportunity)

  • This is your last chance of passing the exam. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.

Work one’s fingers to the bone (work very hard)

  • You will have to work your fingers to the bone if you want to pass this time.

Have something at one’s finger tips (know all the details of a subject thoroughly)

  • He has all the details of the project at his fingertips.

Lift one’s finger (make even the slightest effort)

  • He didn’t even lift a finger to stop the fight.

Keep one’s fingers crossed (to hope for or against something)

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