Formation of nouns

Word Noun form
Accept Acceptance
Applaud Applause
Arrive Arrival
Approbate Approbation
Appear Appearance
Abolish Abolition
Adapt Adaptation/adaptability
Apologize Apology
Bathe Bath
Bless Bliss
Blandish Blandishment
Bind Bond
Believe Belief
Befool Fool
Conclude Conclusion
Compensate Compensation
Concentrate Concentration
Compete Competition
Distinct Distinction
Desperate Desperation
Declare Declaration
Decide Decision
Deprive Deprivation
Defend Defence
Deny Denial
Efficient Efficiency
Entice Enticement
Except Exception
Exist Existence
Feed Food
Fail Failure
Generous Generosity
Hard Hardness
Heighten Height
Helpful Help
Imitate Imitation
Induce Inducement
Announce Announcement
Available Availability
Advise Advice
Admit Admission / admittance
Acquire Acquisition
Assume Assumption
Achieve Achievement
Breathe Breath
Bear Birth
Blow Blast
Bite Bit
Brighten Brightness
Befriend Friend
Charitable Charity
Choose Choice
Consider Consideration
Deep Depth
Divide Division
Defy Defiance
Differ Difference
Define Definition
Devise Device
Execute Execution
Exalt Exaltation
Explain Explanation
Expect Expectation
Fly Flight
Grow Growth
Heal Health
Hasten Haste
Harmful Harm
Imagine Imagination
Introduce Introduction
Identify Identity
Intensify Intensity
Improve Improvement
Idealize Ideal
Judge Judgement
Know Knowledge
Long Length/longevity
Laugh Laughter
Modify Modification
Mechanize Mechanization
Magnetic Magnet
Manly Man
Momentary Moment
Majestic Majesty
Necessary Necessity
Nominal Name
Nervous Nerve
Opportune Opportunity
Occasional Occasion
Official Office
Opine Opinion
Obey Obedience
Pursue Pursuit
Proclaim Proclamation
Propose Proposal/proposition
Prescribe Prescription
Proud Pride
Plastic Plasticity
Poor Poverty
Prosper Prosperity
Patronize Patronage
Permanent Permanency
Produce Production
Prophesy Prophecy
Pervert Perversity
Qualify Quality / Qualification
Inspire Inspiration
Irritate Irritation
Increase Increment
Justify Justice
Kneel Knee
Live Life
Mature Maturity
Metallic Metal
Monthly Month
Mighty Might
Monetary Money
Motivate Motive
Neighborly Neighbor
National Nation
Naturally Nature
Original Origin
Opulent Opulence
Offend Offence
Prove Proof
Possess Possession
Persecute Persecution
Pretend Pretence
Private Privacy
Penalize Penalty
Please Pleasure
Perceive Perception
Populate Population
Pregnant Pregnancy
Paralyze Paralysis
Practise Practice
Quote Quotation
Reserve Reservation
Repeat Repetition
Refer Reference
Reconcile Reconciliation
Remove Removal
Resent Resentment
Stiff Stiffness
Sufficient Sufficiency
Single Singularity
Speak Speech
Suffer Suffering
Suspect Suspicion
Starve Starvation
Succeed Success
Strengthen Strength
Signify Significance
Sit Seat
Summarize Summary
Splendid Splendor
Temper Temperance
Tell Tale
Timely Time
Troublesome Trouble
Truthful Truth
Ultimate Ultimation
Undertake Undertaking
Undulate Undulation
Victorious Victory
Vaporize Vapor
Vary Variability
Vicious Vice
Wordy Word
Weedy Weed
Xenogamous Xenogamy
Yearn Yearning
Zealous Zeal
Zoological Zoology
Realize Realization
Refuse Refusal
Recognize Recognition
Revive Revival
Resemble Resemblance
Resolve Resolution
Scrutinize Scrutiny
Simple Simplicity
Slave Slavery
Savage Savagery
Superior Superiority
See Sight / spectacle
Solemnize Solemnity
Sweeten Sweetness
Sing Song
Subscribe Subscription
Synthesize Synthesis
Terrify Terror
Try Trial
Trifling Trifle
Tragic Tragedy
Typical Type
Ugly Ugliness
Understand Understanding
Use Usefulness
Vigorous Vigor
Vehement Vehemence
Venomous Venom
Warn Warning
Yeasty Yeast
Zodiacal Zodiac
Zoom Zooming



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