Future Continuous Tense

We will learn about the future continuous tense in this essay.

Form: will / shall + be + ing form


I shall/will be writing.
She will be writing.
You will be writing.


I shall/will not be writing.
She will not be writing.
You will not be writing.


Shall/will I be writing?
Will she be writing?
Will you be writing?

Uses of the future continuous use

We use the future continuous tense to say that an activity will be in progress at a particular moment in the future.

  • This time tomorrow I will be lying on the beach.

The future progressive is also used to talk about future events which are fixed or arranged. It does not suggest the idea of personal intention.

  • We shall be visiting Darjeeling in the summer.
  • I will be seeing you one of these days, I think.
  • He will be having a nap in the afternoon.
  • The students will be preparing for their exam.

Predicting the present

The future continuous can also be used to say what we think or guess is probably happening now.

  • Don’t phone now – they will be having lunch.

To make polite enquiries

The future continuous can be used to make polite enquiries about people’s plans.


  • Will you be coming with me? (a polite enquiry about what has been arranged)
  • Are you coming with me? (pressing for a decision)
  • Will you come with me? (an instruction or order.)

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