Game Idioms | Common Idioms In English

Here is a list of idioms using the word game. Each idiom is followed by its meaning / definition. Example sentences are also given.

Ahead of the game

To be ahead of the game is to have an advantage over the situation.

  • Apple has consistently launched affordable tablets with nice specs. Needless to say, in the tablet space, they are way ahead of the game.

At this stage of the game

= at a certain point in a process

  • We need to seek expert advice at this stage of the game.
  • There is hardly anything that we can do at this stage of the game.

Give the game away

To give the game away is to reveal a secret.

  • If you want the party to be a secret, don’t say anything about it to Susie. She will give the game away.

New ball game = A new situation

It is true that she is a successful model, but acting is an altogether new ball game.

  • Although he was a successful diplomat, politics was still a whole new ball game for him.

The game is up

When the game is up, the situation is lost.

  • I realized that the game was up when we lost that contract to our rivals.

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