Half, Half A, A Half

We can use half or half of before a noun with a determiner (e.g. the, my, this, your etc.). When half (of) is followed by a plural noun, the verb is plural.

  • She spends half (of) her time travelling.
  • Half (of) my friends live abroad.

We use half of before pronouns.

  • ‘Did you like the books?’ ‘I have only read half of them.’ (NOT — half them.)
the half

We use the half (of) to talk about a particular half.

  • I think the second half of the film is more interesting than the first half.
half a and a half

Half usually comes before the article a/an, but it is possible to put it after in expressions of measurement.

  • I have bought half a pound of apples. (OR I have bought a half pound of apples.)

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