How To Identify Verbs

Verbs are action words. They tell us what the subject does/did. All verbs have an ing form. All of them can also be used with the marker to.

In the following sentences, underline the verbs.

  1. I first met him at a restaurant.
  2. She refused to talk to me.
  3. I have known him since my college days.
  4. I don’t want to wait any longer.
  5. The flights were cancelled due to bad weather.
  6. He suggested painting the walls red.
  7. I am feeling sleepy.
  8. The public protested against the policies of the government.
  9. You remind me of my grandmother.
  10. They warned him to be careful.
  11. The dacoits attacked the travelers.
  12. The crops failed due to drought.
  13. She accepted the offer without any reluctance.
  14. I hope you have learned your lesson.
  15. He leaned against the wall.
  16. The accused has been absconding for days.
  17. The farmer killed the goose that laid golden eggs.
  18. I will never forget that experience.
  19. He cut the tree with an axe.
  20. It takes a lot of effort to learn a new language.


  1. met, 2. refused, 3. have known, 4. don’t want, 5. were cancelled, 6. suggested, 7. am feeling, 8. protested, 9. remind, 10. warned, 11. attacked, 12. failed, 13. accepted, 14. hope, have learned, 15. leaned, 16. has been absconding, 17. killed, 18. will forget, 19. cut, 20. takes

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