I’m in a hurry

When you are in a hurry, you are not able to wait to do something because you do not have enough time.

  • I can’t wait. I’m in a hurry to get there.

When you are not in a hurry, you either have plenty of time on hands or are unwilling to do something.

  • I’m in no hurry to get married.
  • Let’s discuss your plans. I’m in no hurry to leave.

I’ve got to go now

‘I’ve got to go now’ is something we often say when we are late for a meeting or engagement and wish to depart from present company.

  • I’ve a meeting at 4. I’ve got to go now.’

The expressions I gotta go and I’ve gotta go also mean the same. They are mainly used in colloquial English. Note that got to is pronounced gotta in informal American English.



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