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Ways of improving your English

You can always improve your English level by yourself and there are several ways you can effectively achieve it. Let’s have a look at only several of them.

Writing essays

Have you ever thought about being a real professional in essay writing? Writing essays, as common as it may be in Western canon as a practice, suffers from lack of attention in Eastern Europe curriculums. As a person who has always loved writing essays and heard the magic phrase “Could you write my essay, please?” from other people pretty often, I guess that there’s nothing unbelievable in becoming an essay writing guru. You just have to follow several tips you can find on the net. Apart from being an indicator of mastering a certain level (and the written language often is, actually) and the embodiment of freedom of expression in a certain language, essays may speak a lot about its author and his or her psychology. Upgrade your skills in essays writing and always have your say then, be it for your personal blog or anything else. You know that speaking language can boost your confidence like rarely something else does, don’t you?

Reading fiction

That’s somehow related, isn’t it? Ofcourse it is! It’d be without a doubt hard enough for you to excel in writing without readingconstantly! Everything you read creates a kind of abstract cloud of possibilities inside your brain, thanks to which you may sit around your desk and produce something noteworthy! Fiction is all about virtual reality where any person would like to be now and then. Moreover, main archetypes of a nation can often be found between the lines of a great novel (the concept of a Great American novel is especially significant in this regard). And of course, it’s all about aesthetic pleasure as well, no one would deny it!

Reading journals and blogs

Reading fiction is by no means the only way to get through. Fiction can be good, working on a subconscious level and that’s undoubtedly a profound influence. However, in a world created by media you can’t allow yourself to disengage from journals, blogs, reviews etc. They are a perfect match for you if you want to work meticulously on your vocabulary. Pay attention to collocations as they abound in media articles. Why are they so important? The thing is you encounter here real language, “language on-the-edge”, where you can read and watch the new expressions in action (and sometimes new concepts as well, as language serves not only to denominate, though this function is one of the most important ones, but also to create reality we live in).

Watching films

Besides being soul-warming entertainment on cold winter nights, it’s still a great way to improve your vocabulary. Everything depends here on your approach, be it background listening exercise or active work with vocabulary.

Talking to native speakers

A trip to the UK or the USA is always a great idea, but why not to start from your hometown? There should be some English native speakers hanging around and, who knows, maybe they’re eager to meet you? You never know until you try.

Teaching others

After achieving a certain level of mastering English don’t be shy and give English lessons to other people.  That’s extremely important for no other reason than giving you another perspective on what you can do with your skills set. You’ll see yourself become much more confident and besides you’ll make sure that teaching others is very often a rewarding activity.

Going out on a journey

Yes, that’s something absolutely necessary. You know that it goes without saying, but I’d only like to pay attention to regularity of your trips to the countries concerned by the language you study. Do yourself a favor and put such trips into your annual schedule. Meet new people, learn different accents, succumb to the charms of this great opposition between Global and Glocal. Apart from everything else, that’s what English does to us, humans!

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