Is, Am, Are Worksheet For Grade 5

The verb be has three forms in the simple present tense. They are: is, am and are. This grammar exercise tests a student’s ability to use these verb forms correctly.

Complete the following sentences using is, am or are.

1. Janaki —————– my best friend.

2. Varun —————– coming with us.

3. Krishna —————– a great flutist.

4. My parents —————— very religious.

5. I —————— the eldest child of my parents.

6. My children —————– very curious.

7. They ——————– all waiting for us.

8. She —————— my best friend.

9. You ——————– so intelligent.

10. It —————— a cat.

11. Suresh ——————– my neighbour.

12. My friends ——————— all non-smokers.

13. The boys ——————- playing.

14. Rohan and Sania ——————- going to school.

15. We ——————– interested in this offer.

16. Shyam ———————- a boxer.

17. The birds ——————- chirping.

18. The wind ——————– blowing.

19. The baby —————— sleeping.

20. I ——————– working in the garden.


1. Janaki is my best friend.

2. Varun is coming with us.

3. Krishna is a great flutist.

4. My parents are very religious.

5. I am the eldest child of my parents.

6. My children are very curious.

7. They are all waiting for us.

8. She is my best friend.

9. You are so intelligent.

10. It is a cat.

11. Suresh is my neighbour.

12. My friends are all non-smokers.

13. The boys are playing.

14. Rohan and Sania are going to school.

15. We are interested in this offer.

16. Shyam is a boxer.

17. The birds are chirping.

18. The wind is blowing.

19. The baby is sleeping.

20. I am working in the garden.


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