List of masculine and feminine gender

The gender of a noun indicates the sex or the absence of it.

The different genders are:

  • Masculine gender
  • Feminine gender
  • Common gender
  • Neuter gender

A noun that denotes the male sex is called the masculine gender.

A noun that denotes the female sex is called the feminine gender.

A noun that denotes either a male or a female sex is called common gender.

A noun that denotes a lifeless thing is called neuter gender.

Masculine Feminine
Father Mother
Son Daughter
Brother Sister
Man Woman
Bachelor Maid / Spinster
Cock Hen
Dog Bitch
Bull Cow
Drone Bee
Gander Goose
Stag Hind
Gentleman Lady
Earl Countess
Husband Wife
Lord Lady
King Queen
Monk Nun
Sir Madam
Uncle Aunt
Nephew Niece
Wizard Witch
Hart Roe
Drake Duck
Lion Lioness
Count Countess
Giant Giantess
Priest Priestess
Prophet Prophetess
Poet Poetess
Patron Patroness
Host Hostess
Viscount Viscountess
Shepherd Shepherdess
Steward Stewardess
Author Authoress
Manager Manageress
Heir Heiress
Jew Jewess
Baron Baroness
Mayor Mayoress
Peer Peeress
Negro Negress
Abbot Abbess
Emperor Empress
Traitor Traitress
Actor Actress
Benefactor Benefactress
Instructor Instructress
Conductor Conductress
Founder Foundress
Hunter Huntress
Tempter Temptress
Master Mistress
Tiger Tigress
Duke Duchess
Enchanter Enchantress
Songster Songstress
Hero Heroine
Sultan Sultana
Czar Czarina
Signor Signora
Man-servant Maid-servant
He-goat She-goat
Cock-sparrow Hen-sparrow
Bull-calf Cow-calf
Grand-father Grand-mother
Land-lord Land-lady
Milkman Milkmaid
Peacock Peahen


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