Passive Voice Exercise For Class 10 CBSE

Change the voice of verbs in the following sentences.


Transitive verbs can be in the active or passive voice. Here is an overview of the active and passive forms of verbs in the present perfect tense.

Active form: has / have + past participle

Passive form: has / have + been + past participle


Active: Someone has taken the money.

Passive: The money has been taken by someone.

If you want a passive voice review chart click here.


Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1. My brother has written a novel.

2. She has finished her work.

3. They have rejected the offer.

4. My brother has won a prize.

5. My mother has made a cake.

6. The cat has drunk the milk.

7. The postman has delivered the letter.

8. She has accepted the invitation.

9. Our army has defeated the enemy.

10. Our team has won the match.

11. Scientists have invented a cure for cancer.

12. He has deserted his family.

13. We have registered a complaint with the police.

14. They have not taken a decision.


1. A novel has been written by my brother.

2. Her work has been finished by her.

3. The offer has been rejected by them.

4. A prize has been won by my brother.

5. A cake has been made by my mother.

6. The milk has been drunk by the cat.

7. The letter has been delivered by the postman.

8. The invitation has been accepted by her.

9. The enemy has been defeated by our army.

10. The match has been won by our team.

11. A cure for cancer has been invented by the scientists.

12. His family has been deserted by him.

13. A complaint has been registered with the police (by us).

14. A decision has not been taken by them.

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