Phrasal Verbs With Keep

Here is a list of phrasal verbs and other idiomatic expressions using the word keep. Meanings and example sentences are also given.

Phrasal verbs with keep

Keep at it

To keep at it is to continue doing something even if you want to stop.

  • Dieting won’t help if you can’t keep at it.

Keep going

To keep going is to continue to do something even if it is difficult.

  • They kept going even though they felt exhausted.

Keep something to yourself

To keep something to yourself is to not tell anyone else about it.

  • I will tell you a secret but you must keep it to yourself.

Keep yourself to yourself

To keep yourself to yourself is to stay alone rather than spending time with others.

  • She has few friends. She always keeps herself to herself.

Keep one’s temper: remain calm

  • Jane was really upset with Peter but she kept her temper.

Keep from (prevent, hold back, abstain from)

  • What kept you from joining me? (What prevented you from joining me?)
  • It is better to keep from smoking.

Keep away (avoid going, prevent somebody from going to or near)

  • I don’t know why she wants to keep the kids away from me.
  • He has been keeping away from the hostel for over a week.

Keep in (restrain one’s feelings etc.)

  • Her offensive manner did provoke him, but he kept in.

Keep off (cause something to stay at a distance)

  • Eat a balanced diet to keep diseases off.
  • The hood of the car keeps of the sun and the rain.

Keep on (continue)

  • He was tired, but he kept on working.
  • Don’t keep on asking silly questions.

Keep up (prevent (courage, spirits etc.) from sinking)

  • He wasn’t feeling very well, but he kept his spirits up.

Keep up (maintain)

  • We must try to keep up the reputation of our college.

Keep pace with (go at the same rate as)

  • He began to doze off after failing to keep pace with the lecture.

Keep in with (maintain good relationship with)

  • I believe in keeping in with my neighbours.

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