Phrase Prepositions

These are groups of words that are used with the force of a single preposition.

Examples are:

According to

According to some people, education should be free for all.

Along with

The cat along with her kittens is sleeping under the bed.

Away from

Medicines should be kept away from children.

Because of

Because of your stupidity, we are in trouble now.

By dint of

He succeeded by dint of hard work.

By means of

Birds propagate themselves by means of eggs.

By virtue of

They won by virtue of their superior strength.

For the sake of

For the sake of your safety, never stand directly behind a horse.

In accordance with

You should act in accordance with the law.

In addition to

Salesmen receive a commission in addition to their normal salary.

On behalf of

I am standing here on behalf of my colleagues.

In case of

In case of fire, dial 101.

In favour of

I voted in favour of the proposal.

In front of

Don’t park your car in front of the gate.

In order to

He practiced day and night in order to regain his lost form.

In compliance with

The company had to cease its operations in compliance with the order of the court.

In spite of

In spite of trying hard, we could not succeed.

Instead of

Instead of losing heart, he started working harder.

In the event of

Seat belts will reduce the chance of serious injury in the event of a car crash.

On account of

On account of bad weather, we were forced to cancel the party.

Owing to

Owing to his illness, the meeting was postponed.

With reference to

I am writing in reference to an article published in the latest edition of your magazine.

With regard to

New laws should be enacted with regard to food safety.

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