Phrases for use in everyday situations

The phrases given in this lesson are useful in several everyday situations.

When you are late

Use the following phrases when you are late or when you can’t come at all.

Sorry I’m late. I missed my train.

I’m extremely sorry for being late.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Sorry for the delay.

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kept you waiting.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it that day.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it on time.

I’m sorry, I got a little late.

Asking someone to wait

Here are a few phrases you can use to ask someone to wait.

Hang on.

Hold on.

Just wait.

Hold on a minute.

Just a minute / moment / second.

Wait a minute / second. I’ll be right back.

Just a minute. I’m coming.

You can add ‘please’ at the beginning or at the end to make the expression more polite.

Please hold on a minute. 

Asking someone to keep quiet

Phrases you can use to ask someone to keep quiet.

Please be quiet. (Polite way of asking someone to keep quiet)

Will you please keep quiet? (This is not very polite.)

Shut up! (This is quite rude)

Silence, please.

Congratulating someone

Here are a few phrases you can use to congratulate somebody.


Congratulations on your new job!

Congratulations on the birth of your twins!

You’ve received a promotion? Congratulations!

We can use Congrats! instead of Congratulations!

You’ve won the first prize? Congrats!

Use the following expressions to praise someone for doing something well.

Good job! You’ve made us proud.

Well done, Rohan!

‘Look. I’ve solved this puzzle.’ ‘Well done!’

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