Reported Speech Worksheet For Classes 9 and 10

A group of students from Kerala visited your school and asked the following questions.

  • Who is your principal?
  • Does your school have a boarding facility?
  • Is there a basket ball court?
  • Are there any sports facilities?
  • When will the exams be held?
  • How many students study in your school?
  • Do you have assembly on all working days?
  • Do you organize any special programmes on the Republic Day?
  • Do you like your uniform?
  • Do you get an opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities?
  • Do you get tasty food in the school canteen?

Now report these questions to your teacher. You may use the following phrases:

They asked…

They wanted to know…

They enquired…

They wondered…

They wished to know…


They asked us who our principal was.

They wanted to know if our school had a boarding facility.

They wondered if there was a basket ball court.

They asked if there were any sports facilities.

They wanted to know when the exams would be held.

They asked how many students studied in our school.

They asked if we had assembly on all working days.

They wanted to know if we organized any special programmes on Republic Day.

They wondered if we liked our uniform.

They asked us if we got an opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities.

They wanted to know if we got tasty food in the school canteen.

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