Reporting Yes/No Questions | Class 10 Grammar Worksheet

In order to report Yes/No questions, we use the conjunction if or whether.

Examples are given below.

  • The teacher asked the student, ‘Have you done your homework?’

We can report this question using if or whether.

  • The teacher asked the student if she had done her homework.
  • The teacher asked the student whether he had done his homework.

Direct and indirect speech worksheet | Reporting questions

Report the following questions.

  1. She asked me, ‘Are you ready?’
  2. I asked her, ‘Do you want to come with me?’
  3. Suma asked Shyam, ‘Will you wait for me?’
  4. The mother asked the child, ‘Did you eat the lunch?’
  5. I asked the shopkeeper, ‘Do you sell milk?’
  6. The child asked the man, ‘Do you know where the post office is?’


  1. She asked me if I was ready. / She asked me whether I was ready.
  2. I asked her if / whether she wanted to come with me.
  3. Suma asked Shyam if /whether he would wait for her.
  4. The mother asked the child if /whether she had eaten her lunch.
  5. I asked the shopkeeper if / whether he sold milk.
  6. The child asked the man if/whether he knew where the post office was.


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