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Asking for things

If you need to buy food, clothes, gadgets, or things for your house, you will find the phrases given in this lesson useful.

Asking for things

Use I would like… or Could I have…? to ask for things.

I would like a bottle of mineral water.
I would like some meat.
I would like some butter.
Could I have 2 kilos of potatoes?
Could I have 6 eggs?
Could I have some bloating paper?

To specifically state what you are looking for, use the phrase I am looking for…

I am looking for a pair of shoes.
I am looking for a mini laptop for my daughter.
I am looking for an MP3 player.
I am looking for a Christmas gift for my son.

The phrase I need… can also be used.

I need some apples.
I need two batteries for my remote.

To ask if a shop sells a particular thing, use the phrase Do you sell….? or Have you got…?

Do you sell comics?
Do you sell fish?
Do you sell fruits?
Do you sell dolls?
Have you got any razors?
Have you got any greeting cards?
Have you got batteries for my torch?

If you have decided to buy something, use I will have… or I will take…

OK. I will take it.
I will take this shirt.
I will have this laptop.
I will have a vanilla ice cream.
I will have the red one.

Saying what you have to do

To say what you have to do, use the structure I have to…

I have to bake a cake.
I have to buy some grocery.
I have to get these shirts dry-cleaned.
I have to buy some clothes.
I have to go to the baker’s.
We have to buy some new furniture.
I have to buy a new laptop.
I have to buy some candies for my kids.

The structure I need to… can also be used with the same meaning.

I need to get a haircut.
I need to get my car repaired.
I need to buy a new pair of jeans.
Talking about your shopping plans

To tell someone what you are going to do, use I’m going to…

I am going to buy a pair of trousers.
I am going to buy a new bed.
I am going to get my car repaired.
I am going to buy an apartment in the city.
We are going to buy a new bed.

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