Simple Past Tense

Simple past tense form:

Affirmative Negative Question
I wrote.
She wrote.
You wrote.
I did not write.
She did not write.
You did not write.
Did I write?
Did she write?
Did you write?

Uses of the simple past tense

We use the simple past tense to talk about many kinds of past events: short, quickly finished actions, longer situations, and repeated events.

  • spent all my childhood in Canada.
  • visited my grandfather yesterday.
  • John left 10 minutes ago.

The simple past is common in story-telling.

  • Once upon a time there lived a rich man. One day, he met a beautiful princess and …

The simple past is often used with references to finished periods and time expressions.

  • He died last year.
  • met her yesterday morning.


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