Speak up: Why Is It Important to Develop a Substantial Vocabulary?

How to improve your vocabulary? Some people choose to read more. This is one of the ways to make your vocabulary bigger and improve the quality of your speech.”

To express your thoughts well, you need to have a serious vocabulary. Many experts agree on this. You may be a business person, but what if you cannot even a few words at a business meeting? Your inability to speak up will eventually hurt your success. How to expand your vocabulary? There are different ways. Some people advice reading more diverse literature; this is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary and the quality of your speech.

By the way, knowing many interesting words and being a fair speaker is not the same thing. Your vocabulary should be complemented by an extensive outlook and knowledge, beautiful speech, expressiveness. Here, it is worth paying attention to such a thing as rhetoric. Basically, it teaches you to speak. Try to listen to other people, and also try to speak in public. The quality of your speech will improve very quickly.

There are a lot of things that show the importance of vocabulary you have. For example, if you have a rich vocabulary, you will become a stronger negotiator. This is a real business skill that exploits philology for capitalist purposes. It will actually be easier for you to convey your own opinion to others when you finally learn to tie together at least a few words, and not to speak with abrupt sentences.

If you are wondering why vocabulary is important, then this article is what you need. So let’s get down to it!

In the modern world, a beautiful and rich speech shows your culture and education. The rich vocabulary of the English language indicates the level of human intellectual development. Society perceives a person with a rich vocabulary as an intelligent and creative person. People with a rich vocabulary get a job faster, move up the career ladder more successfully, and generally, they are more often listened to. The larger the vocabulary of a person is, the higher the chances that they will succeed in life. Below you will find a few tips to improve your vocabulary.

  1. Think about the commonplace, beaten, jaded words and expressions you use in daily communication. Write them on a piece of paper. Done? Now take the explanatory dictionary or the dictionary of synonyms from the shelf. Yes, it’s that big dusty book, right. Find these words, and study the long list of alternatives and say each of them out aloud. Which of them reflect your personality? Which of them feel good to the tongue? Try to use each of them, as you try on a suit, and see which ones you find comfortable and easy to use. Choose a few of these and exercise by putting them in your speech until they become feeling natural.
  2. During a conversation, each of the participants replenishes their vocabulary from the interlocutor’s arsenal as a word exchange occurs between them. Talk as much as you can with friends, acquaintances, relatives. Use new words in your vocabulary.
  3. Read. Reading books is helpful. Start with those authors who are more understandable and close to your interests. Gradually add more difficult literature. Read out loud the text where there are interesting words and expressions that you want to memorize and apply in the future (reading to yourself will also replenish our vocabulary, but not so quickly, because in this way we only see the words. While reading aloud, we also hear them and, most importantly, we pronounce them).
  4. Students in USA, just like students anywhere else in the world, usually have to write a lot of academic papers. And that is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Of course, not all students understand the importance of these writing assignments and look for an essay writing service to help them, but this shouldn’t be your case. ‘Essay writing for students’ ads may look very tempting, but in fact are quite useless if your aim is to perfect your language.
  5. When you see a new word, do not just look at its definition in the dictionary. Pay attention to the context. Try replacing it with an appropriate synonym. Try to rhyme, invent as many suitable phrases as possible. The more you know about it, the faster you will learn to use it without hampering your memory. This will immediately reflect on the beauty and personality of your speech.
  6. Crosswords are not just fun, but also a way to develop vocabulary. Use this opportunity on the road, on vacation etc. Choose crossword puzzles in well-known publications or those that have a good reputation.
  7. For those who spend a lot of time on the road, driving or have no free time to use books and dictionaries, there is a unique opportunity to develop their speech and increase vocabulary with the help of audiobooks. Such a method would also be acceptable to an audience that perceives better by ear.

Ways to memorize new words

  • Use new words daily, getting used to them and implanting them in your life;
  • Use a notebook or electronic notebook. Record an interesting word heard, a phrase that came to your mind or just a beautiful expression of your thoughts;
  • Studying the meaning of a new word, visualize it in your mind, add images related to this word, make a picture in your imagination as rich as possible. Make it unforgettable;
  • Learn poems, quotes, aphorisms and proverbs by heart.

So, as you see, there are a lot of things you can do to widen your vocabulary. And as with anything, this task requires diligence, effort and regular practice.

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