common idioms

Wish Idioms

As you wish This is an expression used for telling someone that they can do whatever they want. ‘Can I stay for another day?’ ‘Of course, as you wish.’ I wish This expression is used for telling someone what you want them to do. I wish she would mind her own business. I wish you …

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Idioms – R

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions formed around words beginning with R. Each idiom is followed by its meaning. Rack something up To rack something up is to accumulate or achieve something. Rack your brains / wrack your brains To rack your brains is to think very hard. Lose your rag To lose your …

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Idioms – P

Pace yourself To pace yourself is to do something at a controlled and steady rate. Keep pace with To keep pace with someone is to progress at the same speed as them. Put someone through their paces To put someone through their paces is to make them demonstrate their abilities. Send someone packing To send …

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