Food idioms

Here is a list of food-related idioms.

Eat dirt

To eat dirt is to accept bad treatment without complaining.

He was such a bad boss that he would bully his employees and make them eat dirt.

Eat humble pie

To eat humble pie is to admit your mistake and apologize

I had to eat humble pie when he proved that I was wrong.

Eat like a pig

Used to refer to a person who has bad table manners

John has terrible table manners. He eats like a pig.

Eat one’s words

To eat one’s words is to take back something you have said

I told him that I was a better singer than him but had to eat my words when he proved me wrong.

To want someone’s head on a platter

To be very angry with someone

She was so angry with her biographer that she wanted his head on a platter.

Suck up

To suck up to somebody is to try to gain favour by being extra nice to people in power

I don’t quite like her. She is always sucking up to the rich and the famous.

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